October 14, 2014

Airport Parking Advisory

October 14, 2014

Construction Expands into Lots and Commercial Vehicle Lanes

The parking construction zone is now in the process of migrating further to the east.  This will slightly reduce parking stalls available in the Short-term and Long-term lots.  The entrance to the Short-term and Long-term lots is now only on the west side of the lots.  No overnight parking is allowed in short-term; cars parked overnight may be towed.  The Long-term lot frequently fills to capacity; parking in the Park & Ride lot is recommended.

The commercial and courtesy vehicle lane is also going to be affected.  Effective October 20, shuttles, limousines and courtesy vehicles will pick up passengers on the west end of the terminal; taxis and Park & Ride Shuttle will pick up passengers on the east end of the terminal near baggage claim.

In order to reduce congestion and allow room for the commercial and courtesy vehicles, parking and waiting in front of the terminal to pick up passengers is not allowed.  Use the convenient cell phone lot, located just south of the Park & Ride lot next to the Air Cargo building.  Your guest can then call you when ready to be picked up.  If you are dropping off passengers, please limit your time in front of the terminal.  At no time are you to leave your cars unattended.

Please visit our parking information page.  https://beta.flywichita.com/parking

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