April 24, 2020

Airport Status during COVID-19

This is an unprecedented time for all of us.   Many of you had to cancel family vacations, weddings, business trips, and have stayed home. Kansas Honor Flights have been canceled through June. Less than 100 passengers are traveling each day, a decrease of 96%. As we deal with fewer passengers, much has changed at the airport.

As part of the nation’s critical infrastructure, airports must remain open. Airlines are needed to haul cargo and medical equipment. And people still need to travel. Our team at ICT – from custodians and maintenance professionals, to our operations specialists, Airport Police and Safety officers, IT team members, TSA officers, and many others – are showing up every day, working hard to implement enhanced operating requirements and to keep the airport clean and safe.

Airlines are challenged to keep flights operating for those who need to fly. We are witnessing great dedication from flight crews, ground handling teams, ticket agents, the Transportation Security Administration, the FAA air traffic controllers, aircraft maintenance workers, fuel providers and more.   Our concession partners – food and retail, rental cars, and parking – continue to come to work to provide service to our customers.

We are committed to keeping the airport as safe as possible.  The following steps have been taken:


ICT enhances its cleaning processes with electrostatic spraying.  It is effective against many microorganisms we deal with on a daily basis.  The mist naturally clings to the entire surface it is sprayed on and wraps itself around the surface to disinfect all of it.  This is not a replacement for our standard daily cleaning methods but is another step that we can take to kill a variety of sickness-causing germs and viruses. Other procedures include:

  • Increasing our use of disinfectant and cleaning high touch areas, like ticketing kiosks, handrails, elevator buttons, escalators, restroom doors, etc.
  • Increasing hand sanitizer stations throughout the terminal for passengers.
  • Posting personal hygiene educational signage in the restrooms.
  • Coordinating with our airline and tenant partners to monitor and address changes in the status of our region’s health.
  • ICT has reduced its operational footprint and lowered overhead costs for cleaning and maintenance by
    • Closing the restrooms on the north end of the concourse
    • Closing the Kids Play Area
    • Shutting down the escalators; elevators are still operating


Restaurants and shops have been right-sized to accommodate adjusted passenger volume levels. Dunkin’ Donuts and The Air Capital Market are the only food and retail shops open on the concourse.


The Park & Ride Lot has been closed.  A shuttle will wait outside the arrivals for guests who still have cars in that lot. Staff is available 24/7.


  • Officers change gloves after every inspection and sanitize in between
  • The temperature of employees is taken at the beginning and end of their shifts
  • Officers are wearing masks at the checkpoint and practicing social distancing.
  • A bio-shield has been installed at the podium to protect both passengers and TSA officers.

Travelers can expect many of these safety precautions to continue once travel resumes. We will keep you updated as procedures develop. We wish to thank all those who continue to work each day. #tothosewhokeepusmoving

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Air Service & Business Development Manager

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Assistant Director of Airports

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Director of Airports

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