August 17, 2016

American Adds Larger Jets to DFW

American Airlines is re-introducing mainline aircraft into the ICT-DFW market starting August 23. American will operate two MD-80 round-trip flights between August 23-30 and three MD-80 round-trip flights between Aug. 31 – Oct. 5. After Oct. 5, American will have one daily round-trip flight on mainline aircraft between ICT-DFW. American will also use a mix of 50 to 76-seat regional jets in addition to the MD-80s. The addition of mainline will reduce frequency to six daily flights from seven, but the MD-80 will add more seats.

American served the ICT-DFW route with mainline aircraft until March 2015 with four daily flights. In an effort to give passengers improved connectivity at its DFW hub, American increased frequency to seven daily flights using regional aircraft. “The mainline aircraft will add much needed capacity to DFW, and we thank American for recognizing that need,” said Valerie Wise, Air Service Manager.

The MD-80 has 140 total seats, 124 coach cabin, (only one middle seat per row in coach class), and 16 first-class seats. The MD-80s are equipped with inflight WiFi and DC power outlets in select rows. The mainline schedule is as follows:

Aug. 23 – Oct. 5 (this round-trip will move back to a regional jet on Oct. 6):

  • Depart ICT @ 6:21 pm; arrive DFW @ 7:44 pm (no operations Tue/Sat from 8/24 – 10/5)
  • Depart DFW @ 4:25 pm; arrive ICT @ 5:41 pm (no operations Tue/Sat from 8/24 – 10/5)

Aug. 31 – Oct. 5 (this round-trip will move back to a regional jet on Oct. 6):

  • Depart ICT @5:00 am; arrive DFW @ 6:23 am (no operations on Sun)
  • Depart DFW @ 10:20 pm; arrive ICT @ 11:37 pm (no operations on Sat)

This round-trip starts Aug. 23, and will continue past Oct. 5:

  • Depart ICT @ 8:00 am; arrive DFW @ 9: 23 am
  • Depart DFW @ 6:40 pm; arrive ICT @ 8:01 pm

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Valerie Wise

Air Service & Business Development Manager

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