July 17, 2018

ICT On-Time Rating

Punctuality is important to our airline customers. Wichita Eisenhower National Airport earned a spot in the top 18% of Continental United States airports for on-time airline performance. The Airport ranked #28 out of 155 airports for the period of June 2017 through May 2018. 82.7% of 23,382 airline flights operated within 15 minutes of scheduled times.

The Airport was one of 44 airports to receive a four-star rating for its performance during that period. There were only two Continental US airports to receive a five-star rating. Other area airports also fared well with Kansas City coming in at #33, Tulsa at #41, and Oklahoma City at #52.

The data was collected by the international airline flight information company OAG. Airlines report their flight times, then OAG calculates percentages for every airport and assigns them a star rating.

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US Airport Ratings

Salt Lake City86.5243,683USANorth America5* star
Boise85.547,558USANorth America5* star
Fresno Yosemite International Airport8524,058USANorth America4* star
Spokane International Apt84.940,710USANorth America4* star
Minneapolis/St Paul International Apt84.8374,405USANorth America4* star
Portland International84.7184,429USANorth America4* star
Anchorage Ted Stevens Intl Apt84.781,126USANorth America4* star
Redmond/Bend84.315,060USANorth America4* star
Billings84.119,787USANorth America4* star
Missoula8410,506USANorth America4* star
Bozeman83.713,828USANorth America4* star
Lafayette Regional Apt83.79,331USANorth America4* star
Amarillo Rick Husband Intl Apt83.511,224USANorth America4* star
Destin/Ft Walton Beach Apt83.414,423USANorth America4* star
Green Bay83.411,262USANorth America4* star
Eugene83.416,674USANorth America4* star
Fargo83.314,523USANorth America4* star
Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County83.3380,712USANorth America4* star
Santa Ana83.291,487USANorth America4* star
Atlanta Hartsfield-jackson Intl Apt83.1858,362USANorth America4* star
Bismarck83.19,309USANorth America4* star
Houston George Bush Intercont.83431,738USANorth America4* star
Appleton82.911,271USANorth America4* star
Omaha Eppley Airfield82.952,753USANorth America4* star
Pensacola International82.824,070USANorth America4* star
Sacramento International Apt82.8104,979USANorth America4* star
Lansing82.89,216USANorth America4* star
Wichita Dwight D. Eisenhower Apt82.723,382USANorth America4* star
Seattle-Tacoma International Apt82.7406,725USANorth America4* star
Denver Intl Apt82.7551,667USANorth America4* star
Flint82.510,607USANorth America4* star
Medford82.415,187USANorth America4* star
Kansas City International Apt82.4114,219USANorth America4* star
Evansville82.410,894USANorth America4* star
Jackson Medgar W. Evers Intl Apt82.417,178USANorth America4* star
San Jose Norman Y. Mineta Intl82.4127,820USANorth America4* star
Little Rock82.427,051USANorth America4* star
Santa Barbara82.314,081USANorth America4* star
Madison82.326,939USANorth America4* star
Cedar Rapids82.120,284USANorth America4* star
Tulsa International Apt82.134,761USANorth America4* star
Pasco82.112,492USANorth America4* star
Shreveport Regional Apt82.113,266USANorth America4* star
Washington Dulles International Apt82.1228,417USANorth America4* star
Palm Springs International Apt82.123,943USANorth America4* star
Baton Rouge82.115,557USANorth America4* star
Fayetteville/Springdale NW Arkansas Reg8228,131USANorth America3* star
San Antonio International Apt8284,967USANorth America3* star
Albuquerque8257,200USANorth America3* star
Des Moines8232,427USANorth America3* star
Reno81.942,771USANorth America3* star
Oklahoma City Will Rogers Apt81.948,004USANorth America3* star
Midland International Apt81.916,665USANorth America3* star
Tucson International Apt81.837,638USANorth America3* star
San Diego International81.8193,142USANorth America3* star
Myrtle Beach International81.822,751USANorth America3* star
Dallas Dallas/Fort Worth Intl Apt81.6624,922USANorth America3* star
Lubbock Preston Smith International Apt81.613,528USANorth America3* star
Tallahassee81.514,338USANorth America3* star
Mobile Regional Apt81.513,479USANorth America3* star
McAllen/Mission81.59,038USANorth America3* star
Phoenix Sky Harbor Intl Apt81.4374,365USANorth America3* star
Charlotte81.4515,702USANorth America3* star
Huntsville Intl-Carl T. Jones Field81.418,569USANorth America3* star
Springfield (US) MO81.319,325USANorth America3* star
Austin-Bergstrom International Apt81.1124,901USANorth America3* star
Lexington Blue Grass Apt8123,726USANorth America3* star
Cincinnati Northern Kentucky Intl81105,652USANorth America3* star
Colorado Springs Municipal80.922,499USANorth America3* star
El Paso International Apt80.935,131USANorth America3* star
Cleveland Hopkins International Apt80.8105,886USANorth America3* star
Ontario80.844,741USANorth America3* star
Sarasota/Bradenton80.811,621USANorth America3* star
Indianapolis80.7105,499USANorth America3* star
Birmingham80.739,140USANorth America3* star
Moline80.613,099USANorth America3* star
Long Beach80.535,500USANorth America3* star
Knoxville80.534,913USANorth America3* star
St Louis Lambert Intl Apt80.4172,817USANorth America3* star
Memphis80.453,570USANorth America3* star
Milwaukee General Mitchell Intl Apt80.476,850USANorth America3* star
Sioux Falls80.315,981USANorth America3* star
Charleston (US) SC80.348,461USANorth America3* star
Columbia Metropolitan Apt80.220,912USANorth America3* star
Grand Rapids80.238,017USANorth America3* star
South Bend80.112,228USANorth America3* star
Columbus John Glenn Intl Apt80.198,456USANorth America3* star
Gainesville80.18,771USANorth America3* star
Savannah Hilton Head International Apt8032,894USANorth America3* star
State College79.98,091USANorth America3* star
Baltimore Washington International Apt79.8239,093USANorth America3* star
Nashville79.8154,155USANorth America3* star
Louisville Intl-Standiford Field79.851,270USANorth America3* star
Fayetteville79.89,216USANorth America3* star
Los Angeles International Apt79.7645,170USANorth America3* star
Las Vegas McCarran International Apt79.6352,605USANorth America3* star
Oakland International Apt79.6115,082USANorth America3* star
Manchester (US)79.525,236USANorth America3* star
New Orleans Louis Armstrong Intl Apt79.3112,191USANorth America3* star
Tampa St Pete-Clearwater Intl Apt79.314,554USANorth America3* star
Corpus Christi International Apt79.310,906USANorth America3* star
Providence79.343,765USANorth America3* star
Wilmington (US) NC79.214,125USANorth America3* star
Peoria79.212,916USANorth America3* star
Charleston (US) WV79.211,690USANorth America3* star
Burbank79.258,849USANorth America3* star
Miami International Apt79.1330,534USANorth America3* star
Jacksonville International Apt7962,060USANorth America3* star
Hartford Bradley International Apt7968,617USANorth America3* star
Greenville/Spartanburg Intl Apt7931,974USANorth America3* star
Chicago O'Hare International Apt79854,342USANorth America3* star
Allentown/Bethlehem/Easton78.810,749USANorth America3* star
Greensboro/High Point78.832,529USANorth America3* star
Fort Wayne International78.814,970USANorth America3* star
Raleigh/Durham78.6133,773USANorth America3* star
Tampa International Apt78.6162,947USANorth America3* star
Rochester (US) MN78.48,484USANorth America3* star
Washington Ronald Reagan National Apt78.4295,431USANorth America3* star
Montgomery Regional-Dannelly Fld78.48,154USANorth America3* star
Norfolk International Apt78.149,170USANorth America3* star
Chattanooga Metropolitan Apt78.117,832USANorth America3* star
Wilkes-Barre/Scranton International Apt78.110,070USANorth America3* star
Fort Myers Sw Florida International Apt7869,651USANorth America3* star
Buffalo7858,705USANorth America3* star
Dayton James M. Cox Intl Apt77.934,779USANorth America3* star
Harrisburg International Apt77.823,874USANorth America3* star
Augusta Regional (Bush Field)77.79,996USANorth America3* star
Philadelphia International Apt77.7335,276USANorth America3* star
Roanoke77.614,830USANorth America3* star
Islip77.614,194USANorth America3* star
Rochester (US) NY77.339,614USANorth America3* star
Richmond (US)77.354,405USANorth America3* star
Orlando International Apt77.2316,241USANorth America3* star
Burlington (US) VT77.122,639USANorth America3* star
Key West International Apt7717,451USANorth America3* star
Albany International Airport76.941,173USANorth America3* star
Charlottesville76.815,715USANorth America3* star
Akron/Canton Regional76.818,394USANorth America3* star
Portland (US) ME76.629,019USANorth America3* star
Syracuse76.535,903USANorth America3* star
Bangor76.511,033USANorth America3* star
Asheville/Hendersonville76.415,193USANorth America2* star
San Francisco75.9438,064USANorth America2* star
New York J F Kennedy International Apt75.6432,017USANorth America2* star
Chicago Midway Intl75.6188,931USANorth America2* star
Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood Intl Apt75.5266,095USANorth America2* star
West Palm Beach International Apt75.154,956USANorth America2* star
Dallas Love Field74.5140,796USANorth America2* star
Houston William P. Hobby Apt74.4122,819USANorth America2* star
Boston Edward L Logan Intl Apt74.3382,485USANorth America2* star
New York LaGuardia Apt73.9369,314USANorth America2* star
White Plains72.727,469USANorth America2* star
Orlando Sanford International Airport72.419,741USANorth America2* star
Newark Liberty International Apt70.5413,954USANorth America2* star
Nantucket68.222,401USANorth America1* star

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