September 4, 2019

Runway Rehabilitation Project Set to Begin this Fall

This fall a major runway rehabilitation project is set to begin at Wichita Eisenhower National Airport.  The pavement conditions on the airport’s main runways, 1L-19R and 1R-19L, are in need of rehabilitation.  Also, the runways’ electrical system and signage is becoming less reliable and needs to be replaced.  The FAA Safety Action Team identified two sections of pavement that are possible safety hazards because of their location and need to be removed.  Because of magnetic declination, runway re-designation of the three runways is required.  Runway 1L-19R will become 2L-20R; 1R-19L will become 2R-20L; and 14-32 will become 15-33.

Following the City of Wichita screening and selection process, and FAA regulations,  H. W. Lochner (Lenexa) was selected from four firms to define the project scope and develop a preliminary project cost.  The general contractor for the project is Pearson Construction.  The project will be funded with FAA grants in the amount of $19,517,226 and $2,360,196 from Airport revenue for a total cost of $21,877,422.  It is expected to be complete in August 2021.

The main elements of the work:

  • Runway 1L-19R pavement rehabilitation and keel (center) section replacement, electrical system improvements, signage updates, pavement markings updates, electrical system improvements, signage updates, pavement markings updates
  • Runway 14-32 signage and pavement markings updates
  • All three runways will undergo a re-designation due to the changes over time of the magnetic declination
  • TWY D-3 will be removed to improve airfield safety
  • TWY B-1 (partial) will be removed to improve airfield safety

The work will be done in phases so that at least one runway is open at all times.  During both winters, the airfield will be fully open.


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