August 1, 2012

Security Checkpoint Expansion Begins

Date:  August 1, 2012

Expansion of the airport security checkpoint will begin Friday evening, August 3 and is expected to be completed August 22.  Passengers should expect some congestion and allow extra time to get through security during this construction project.  The majority of the work will occur in the evenings and will be done in two phases as outlined below.

Phase I

  • East concourse glass installation will begin Friday evening, August 3
    • Installation will be accomplished at night
    • Exit lane (for arriving passengers) will be along east wall of checkpoint ramp
    • Arriving passengers on the east concourse may find the construction area congested and confusing
  • East lane – 2 x-rays will be installed Tuesday night, August 7
  • East lane – 1 x-ray will be installed Wednesday night, August 8
    • Portion of west concourse glass will be installed
  • West lane – 2 x-rays will be installed Thursday night, August 9
  • Existing lane configuration will remain in place until Monday night, August 13
  • Tuesday Morning, August 14 – 3 lanes will be operational
    • 2 on east concourse
    • 1 on west concourse

 Phase II

  • Remaining glass installation will begin Tuesday night, August 14
  • West lane – 1 x-ray will be installed Monday night, August 20
  • All 4 lanes will be operational Wednesday morning, August 22
  • Screening queues to each concourse will be along the east and west walls
  • Wheelchairs, aircrew, and military will use the center exit lane to access the document checker location
  • Exit lane for arriving passengers will be down the center of the ramp

 Points to consider

  • Congestion will be compounded during construction
  • Whether using the east or west security checkpoint, passengers can access all gates
  • Strongly recommend passengers use the side from which their airline departs
    • New signage will direct passengers to appropriate queue
  • East Concourse Airlines
    • Allegiant
    • American
    • Delta
    • Frontier
    • United to Houston
  • West Concourse Airlines
    • AirTran
    • United to Chicago and Denver
  • Recommend arriving two hours before departure for the duration of the project.

Media Contacts

Valerie Wise

Air Service & Business Development Manager

(316) 946-4780

Brad Christopher

Assistant Director of Airports

(316) 946-4700

Victor White

Director of Airports

(316) 946-4700

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