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As the pandemic recedes and the world reopens, more than ever, it's time to fly. Reconnect with loved ones. Discover places languishing on your bucket list. Revel in the vastness of big nature. Kick your humdrum routine to the curb. Regain your sense of adventure - and self. You can. Just by being smart and prepared. We'll help you.

Tap the wonders of travel

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Relax and Recharge

  • Relieve stress simply by getting away from it all.
  • Soak in the sunshine and treat yourself to new foods.
  • Hike, swim, bike - whatever you like.
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Sharpen Your Mind

  • Breaking daily routines gets the synapses firing.
  • New sights and sounds boost brain power.
  • Make new memories.
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Come Home Healthier

  • Gain perspective, insight and peace of mind.
  • Rediscover the big, wide, wonderful world.
  • Boost your social skills and self-confidence.

Tips for traveling today

Many airlines have Eliminated Fees for change or cancellation
Travel is Low Risk if you're fully vaccinated
Flying can be Safer Than Grocery Shopping
New Routes to the Great Outdoors

Travel planning resources

The airlines have added new leisure destinations to their route maps, anticipating a strong travel season this summer. Some of these destinations are seasonal; some are less than daily. Schedules are typically published about two months out and may change as airlines monitor travel demand.

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It's a big world.
Live a little.

Great destinations, how to get there, and why you should go (from the Eisenhower Air archives)

San Luis Obispo








National Parks

Los Angeles



Wine Country


Washington DC

Las Vegas




St. Louis

New York

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