January 18, 2011

Wichita Mid-Continent Airport Reports Third Largest Year on Record

Date:  January 18, 2011

Mid-Continent Airport reports its third largest year on record in terms of passenger traffic.  A total of 1,549,395 passengers flew in and out of Mid-Continent Airport in 2010, an increase of 2.91% over 2009.  The airport’s record year occurred in 2008 with 1,619,643 passengers.   The second highest year occurred in 2007 with 1,596,229 passengers.

For the month of December, 127,809 passengers used Mid-Continent, an increase of 2.03% over December 2009.  This increase is impressive in that there were 25 cancelled flights in December due to severe winter weather in the east.

“The airlines were forced to make some unpopular but necessary decisions over the past couple of years in order to become profitable when dealing with high fuel prices and a sluggish economy.  Because of these decisions, we have less capacity than last year but are still able to report this increase, which is evidence of growing demand for air travel from our market,” said Valerie Wise, Air Service Manager.

In comparison with regional airports, for the year Kansas City’s traffic is up 1.4%, Tulsa down 1.6%, and Oklahoma City up 2.13% (through November).   U.S. domestic traffic is up 1.4% (through October 2010).

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Valerie Wise

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Assistant Director of Airports

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Director of Airports

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